Show Picks of the Week!!

Everyone should have an amazing weekend given all the awesome shows happening around town.
Don’t be lame, get out there!
Pistoleros and Dead Hot Workshop?!?!
Be still my 17 year old heart, I can’t take the pressure 15 years later.
Monophonic Hillside is one of the best kept secrets in the Valley. Did we give them an award for that? Anyway, this show promises to be spectacular.
Okay, I know Cinco de Mayo is traditionally the day to celebrate but with a show like this why not start a day early? 
So, Spirit Cave is awesome and they’re sharing the stage with some out of towners as well as Ashley Creighton, one of our Singing Songwriting Sisters, this Sunday!
Cinco de Mona is the place to be on Cinco de Mayo. Festivities start at 11:30 am and continue on through the day with some of our favorite locals to party with in attendance, including The Pubes and Treasurefruit. There or square, kids.
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