Talking Dirty in the 21st Century

The modes of communication that connect us to our loved ones are in a constant state of flux. In my short but ever-increasing lifetime, I feel I have moved through it all. From the prevalence of pagers and AOL chat rooms to the smart phone revolution, I’ve watched “talking dirty” evolve from the realization that you could type “BOOBS” numerically into a pager message to the entrance of sexting into the collective fears of every parent.

Couples communicate by text and email now more than ever. And, sometimes, those messages get sexy. Amzi Marsh gives good text. In fact, she’s made it her business. Along with her partner Alex Koury, Amzi co-founded AppFuturz, an Arizona company soon to be famous for the creation of FlirtyIcon. How hot can a text message be though? There is little room for subtleties in such a limited character count once inference through tone is removed.

“Can you hurry home after work?” sent by text could mean any number of things. It could mean, “Can you please hurry home because I desperately want to act out the fantasies I’ve been constructing for us in my head all day?” Or, it could mean, “Please hurry home after work because we need to pick up my grandmother from the nursing home on our way to meet my parents for dinner.” Emoticons revolutionized texting. Finally, we can say “Can you please hurry home after work? 😉 ”

Oh, the suggestive possibilities of that wink.

Sometimes a wink isn’t enough, however. Amzi Marsh ran into this creative wall. She ransacked her iPhone looking for new ways to excite her partner from a distance. “I want to [lips] your [eggplant],” was a big hit, given the eggplant’s striking resemblance to male genitalia in the world of emoticons.  But how to say, “I want you to bend me over a table?”

FlirtyIcon takes the guess work out of dirty texting. There’s no need to get angry at an obtuse boyfriend when he rushes home with an armful of eggplant after a confused reception of some feisty insinuation.

For less than a dollar, you enjoy the added spice FlirtyIcon brings to your text messages. And don’t worry that your sexual preference might leave you out of the fun. The app is LGBTQ-friendly. The icons cover the lovey spectrum from cute and innocent to downright dirty so it’s easy to find the “right thing to say” to your partner no matter what stage your relationship is in.

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