The Cigs – Full Flavor

by Byron Carrick

First of all, the album cover is awesome on all fronts. Mysteriously attractive and a great pull to make you wish it was available on vinyl so you could stare at it as you drown yourself in the record.

If I had to use a comparison, I would have to say if Ween and Stereolab had a baby at Thurston Moore’s house next to a drum machine… It would be The Cigs.

The first track “99’s” sucks you into The Cigs strange little mind set, a quaint little open door that is sort of dirty and unpainted, but draws you in anyway. Each track continues forward with a clever edge and artistic simplicity that resonates a fine blend of fun and soul that keeps you guessing.

The haunting vocals singing stories of sensual arrest and education choices mixed with twangy guitars wrapped in nice little packages, generally under 3 minutes, is a comfortable format that kept me interested from start to finish.

Highlights: “I Left My Burrito On Broadway”, “Sexy Cop” and “Jenny” I found especially satisfying.

Best of all, you can enjoy Full Flavor without any teeth staining or stinky clothing. Go get it.

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