Most Prolific Songwriter: Bryant Vazquez

Photo by Eugene Franklin

Last year we gave Bryant Vazquez our “Spirit Award” because no one has more heart when it comes to music than this kid. This year he channeled his considerable songwriting talent with diamond-like precision focus to put out more work than some artists manage in a career. He’s becoming a master of the home recording thus enabling him to capture the multi-faceted songwriting Buddha Bryant is shaping himself into.

Not only does he record solo under his own name songs that span heart-wrenching and soulful (see here), he also plays with a number of different acts around Arizona. With his older brother Chris, Bryant releases ruckus, harder music as the Vagabond Gods. Additionally, Bryant joined forces with other Flagstaff musicians to form Murdoch – a punkgrass, new folk musical adventure you should check out here. In his free time, Bryant moonlights with Sedona-based band decker. How many albums is that this year?! We just can’t keep up with him, but we’re definitely going to keep trying!

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