New Electronic Sounds

Electronic music – from sample-based hiphop to GarageBand compositions, drum-machine dancehall to rhythms written in Reason – is certainly here to stay. This year at YabYum were focusing more on covering all aspects of Arizona music, electronic music being something that we have been somewhat lacking in coverage. So without further ado, here are some new electronic sound worth checking out.

Blaque Panther Disco

Pommes Frites

William Reed and Elise Welch, known collectively as Blaque Panther Disco, have released their first single with label Re:sound. “Pommes Frites” indeed is a very fun nu disco tune and I highly recommend listening to it here. The Gemini Bros. from Bucharest, Romania provide the remix, ensuring Blaque Panther Disco to be heard by an even larger world audience.

Aron Bron
Aron Bron creates “experimental” electronic music via an electric guitar, bass, vocals and programmed beats. Playing live, he incorporates looping stations   to great effect, adding texture upon delicate texture. Not entirely direct in their approach, Aron’s songs remain steadfast in providing a “chill” atmosphere.  Check him out here.  
Vial Of Sound
If you haven’t heard Vial Of Sound yet, well my gosh, you’re ‘gonna’ have to hop on board the disco train and ride it all the way to Funkytown (i.e. make way steadfast to their Bandcamp page and press play)! Using only “vintage analog synthesizers ranging from 1973-1984” as their instruments, Vial Of Sound incorporates new school dance music with old school execution. Did I mention it was recorded by Mr. Bob Hoag at his Flying Blanket Studios? If that isn’t enough for you to check Vial Of Sound, I don’t know what is.