New Year’s Resolution #1: Live Local

 I love the start of a new year. I enjoy the holiday season that precedes it… as hectic and crowded and distorted by our consumer-driven society as it is. I recognize that not all share this enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we decided to share some new year’s resolutions put forth by family, friends, and other odd sorts. Everyone likely has space for some positive changes in their lives this year. Let us help.

Resolution #1: Live Local!! 
It’s no secret we’re all about Arizona arts and life. We consider our work at YabYum one of our ways of contributing to the growing strength of the subaltern arts culture present in the Valley and throughout the state. We extend this philosophy into our personal lives as well. We’re always looking for new ways to keep our spending within the local economy and then we try to share those ways with our readers.
During the holiday season, I did my best to confine my spending to local shops. I was definitely beat out by my boyfriend’s father who shouted “Buy Local!” after every present he gave was opened, each locally and thoughtfully procured. Amazing. I decided this should be my motto for 2013.
River Jones mentioned something briefly in an email about his hopes of seeing the “proverbial glass ceiling in Arizona” broken. I thought that was great. This is something we all have to be working on right now. If we all fuel our money back into our own economy we make it that much stronger, that much closer to sustainable.
Start small if you haven’t started already. I suggest checking out Local First Arizona. They have a great program for newbies called Shift Arizona that explains the benefits of shifting as little as 10% of your spending to local sources.
We suggest taking the motto “Buy Local” a step further with “Live Local” in 2013. Eat locally, drink locally, listen to local bands at locally-owned bars. Take an in-state mini vacation and check out the art in a not too nearby locale. Head out to a street fair or gallery showing. Live a little, locally.
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