New Year’s Resolution #5: Push Your Art!

All of us at YabYum work on our own art in our off hours. We consider YabYum an artistic undertaking as well but we’re always trying to find time to push ourselves independently and creatively. We know Arizona can be a difficult place to carve out a name for yourself; a difficult place to develop a following. There are so many satellite collectives within the overarching arts community that it seems nearly impossible to keep tabs on everything. There are so many amazing people gathered here right now intent on changing the shape of Arizona arts and music on a local and national level. This is an exciting time. If you’re an artist, keep finding ways to make and push your art. If you’re a musician, keep recording and playing shows. Find ways to share your work. Everyone starts somewhere.

Still not sure where to start? Start with us. Send us something about your work. Hit us up through Facebook or email us at [email protected]