Four Chambers Press

Have you always suspected that somewhere inside you lurked a great poet? Perhaps you suspect you might be the reincarnate of Jack Spicer? The time is ripe to test your literary ambitions.

Four Chambers Press has issued a call for submissions for the inaugural release of its literary magazine and the deadline is rapidly approaching. The independent publishing house also hopes to function as hub for literary arts in the Phoenix. Work will only be accepted through September 15th so make sure you get your literary musings sent over before the deadline.

According to the submission guidelines, up to 5 poems &/or 3 prose pieces under 7500 words each will be considered. Style remains at the discretion of the writer. With $200 in cash prizes, you might just score more than bragging rights and your work in print.

Arizona is in dire need of a strong literary arts community. Four Chambers Press is seeking to help fill this shortcoming. Learn more about Four Chambers Press here or, if you’re already ready already, submit here. If you’re not a writer, perhaps you know someone who is always scribbling away. Help the cause by spreading the word! Less than a week remains before submissions are closed!

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