Short Leash Hot Dogs

Some folks might be wondering if the fancy hot dog fad has run its course. In fact, just before sitting down to write this I noticed my favorite local food writer Gwen Ashley Walters chimed in on the issue over on her blog Pen & Fork. While I’ll agree that the churched up dog you might find on a hip and pricey menu might be on the way out, the street dog is an American standard and it is here to stay.

And nobody beats out Short Leash when it comes to hot dogs. Now these dogs are a bit fancier than the ones you’ll find soaking in a metal tub of hot water on some downtown corner but that doesn’t mean they’ve forsaken their street dog style. At Short Leash, you can steer in a more traditional direction with whatever mustard-ketchup-relish combos you grew up on… Or, you can branch into new and wondrous territory with toppings like mango chutney, fried pickles, and blue cheese.

For me, it’s all about the Lady: chipotle cream cheese, sauteed onions, and fried pickles. Be still my beating heart. Although, I must admit the Igby (coleslaw, crumbled blue cheese, and BBQ sauce) has been calling to me of late and I might be forced to abandon the Lady on my next visit. I usually opt for an all-beef hot dog but there are several options for all you foodies out there. Brats, veggie dogs, even a chicken dog can be found on the menu in addition to more familiar options.

Short Leash keeps a busy schedule, providing ample opportunities for fans to seek out the food truck around town. I get my fix at the Phoenix Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. There’s nothing quite like an urban picnic with a hot and tasty Lady (see above description) while my fella partakes of a veggie dog with an array of fresh trimmings.

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