Weekly Web Round-Up

Share in our weekly web finds every Thursday at YabYum. We’re going to be updating our AZ Blogs Directory in the very near future so if your blog isn’t on our list make sure you email us a link ([email protected])!!
Gotta love Lightning Octopus‘ weekly feature “5 Awesomely Nerdy Things to do this Weekend” when looking for new and exciting happenings around town.
Up Til Dawn Films, an AZ film review site and zero-budget production studio, is not afraid to stand in opposition to critical acclaim or to bring new light to the underrated.

Chelsea of Tea Talk gears up for the Puppy Love Project, a collaboration of Co+Hoots and the Phoenix Style Collective to benefit the Arizona Humane Society. 

The Spec highlights the latest feature to hit bandcamp. This is way more exciting than it sounds. Fans can now create accounts to help keep track of the bands they love.
Jayson Chesler of the Downtown Devil’s METROnome covers Tempe Starving Artist’s recent “Round Robin” at House 314.