Four Favorite AZ Blogs for some Girl Time

Nothing quite like a quiet afternoon by myself. Well, just me and my computer. Thankfully, there are some fabu Arizona bloggers I can kick back and enjoy some girl time with (when my real life girlfriends are busy or I simply don’t want to put on pants to be socially acceptable). These ladies don’t produce Cosmo drivel. They are crafters and homemakers and style-savvy sisters making the web more adorable every day.

Northern Arizona mother and homemaker, Danielle, is the woman behind the thoughtful musings, fun photographs, and adventurous daily life that make Sometimes Sweet one of my favorite places to spend a little time.
Phoenix fashionista who would win my vote for “Best Hair” any day, Chelsea, blogs about style, local adventures, and coffee at Tea Talk.

If fashion followed a rulebook, the women of Style Tutor would probably write it. 
With a funky and free-spirited sense of style, Lisa of Lala Faux Bois just might be my personal fav. 
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