Big Announcements!!

Dear Readers,

We certainly hope you enjoy the blog format we switched to back in September. We’ve seen unprecedented growth recently and we have big plans to step up our game in the months to come, including an overhaul to the website (remember the site?!). We’re seeking to create a more integrative space in our endeavor to provide a hub for all things art in Arizona. The first stage of our transition should be in place by our birthday (June 1st = 4 YEARS!!!!) so expect to see some updates over the next couples months!

We do what we do because we want to see Arizona transform into a place for artists and innovators, a place for revolutionaries. Participation in the arts promotes creativity and develops individual thought divergent from groupthink without forsaking community (which is centrally important to us as humans). Perhaps the path to the paradigm shift is an artistic one, that’s all we’re trying to say. It’s certainly the path we’ve chosen.

With that in mind, we like to support an open door policy here at YabYum. We’re always looking for new things to share but we’re also perpetually short-staffed so sometimes our “feelers” don’t reach quite as far as they ought. Email us whenever. We might have a lag in our response time (our apologies) but we promise to read everything that comes into us. Send us demos and albums. Send us show flyers. Send us links to your blog. Your Etsy page. Your videos. Tell us what you’re doing differently. Or what we should do differently. We can only cover what we know about. Don’t be shy.

Oh, yeah, you should also take a minute to “Like” us on Facebook. We don’t often go in for these little shout-outs but we realized such a small percentage of our readers actually follow us on Facebook maybe we should throw in a plug every now and again.



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