3 New Albums: “What the H?!” Edition

While compiling our latest installment of “3 New Albums” we noticed that the three to top the list of must-hear recordings were all released by bands whose names begin with the letter “H”. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Think harmonious and hellacious. Or, maybe, hard-hitting hymnals for the habitually hapless? Hallelujah!


The Haymarket Squares

Righteous Ruckus

The Haymarket Squares continues to impress. With each line-up change, the band expands further into their own sound. The addition of Mark Allred and Aaron Hjalmarson to the solid core of Marc, Mark, and John has filled every empty gap, each minute tiny space where something was missing. By gosh, they sound fantastic too. After months and months of being only able to hear these songs live, the flood-gate is now wide open and a Righteous Ruckus has burst forth. “Revolt Resist Rebel,” “Let’s Get Fucked Up,” and “This Town,” top my list of personal favorites. Find your own here.

Samples of Examples
High Horse kicks ass. We were all made aware of this with their 2011 self-titled EP. They rocked the back of a moving van for their music video to “Shitty Things!” With Samples of Examples, however, High Horse has collectively stepped up their game. If you feel like pop hooks, they deliver “Bureau of Gland Management” or “ID 10 T.” If it’s a dissonant rock feel you’re going after, “Satellites” or “Doll Hairs” will serve you well. The band manages to juxtapose a multitude of styles and make it work. Plus the reverb, man! Surf music definitely plays it’s part in these Examples. Sample High Horse here.


Fine Highway

Yes, it’s true, YabYum should have covered this album some time ago. We’ve continually listened to it since its release in January, we just could never find the right words. Fine Highway is a must listen. Jalipaz again stretches the limits of your imagination as to what he can capture via his Audioconfusion recording space. With their superb harmonies opening “Cat’s in the Creek,” Huckleberry instantly hooks you like trout on worm. Each track further beckons you down this Fine Highway until you reach the end of the road and “Sail Away” drifts you off to sea. Travel Fine Highway here.