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About once every week or two, I’ll get a message from one of my friends asking me for a recommendation. “Hey, where’s a good place to go for a first date downtown?” It’s not that I eat out more often than the average Joe. I just generally support local joints over the faceless corporate giants. I like a place with a little character even if it means heading a little out of my way for the best slice of pie or the perfect patty melt. I don’t have the inside line on every hip eatery in the state but thanks to some fabulous local food bloggers, I have an easier time keeping track of what places are worth checking out. Here are my top four foodies for Arizona eats…

Chef, award-winning cookbook author, and all-around fancy foodie, Gwen Ashley Walters takes her readers along for a range of culinary adventures from profiles on hot local chefs to recipes and cookbook reviews. Pen & Fork brings you some of the best spots around town for posh dining as well as Travel Eats from beyond our neck of the woods. 
Susan Timm, the girl behind  Girl Meets Fork, followed an interesting professional path into the world of food blogging. Thankfully, she found her calling because Girl Meets Fork is my favorite spot for fun food-related events in the Valley and all the latest food trends! 
Phoenix Bites, member of AZC(entral) Voices, covers all things eaten from restaurant reviews and foodie events to recipes and kitchen products. 
I might not have the greenest of thumbs but I’m still a regular visitor to AZ Edible Gardening for their farm-fresh recipes. If you’re an urban farmer or looking to get started, this is the place. The site’s Gardening Calendar let’s you know when to plant what in our strange desert climate. The best part? The featured recipes often coincide with the available produce at the farmers markets! 
For more local food bloggers, check out our AZ Blog Directory here!!
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