Show Picks of the Week!!

There are some really great shows happening this week and, if you manage your time wisely, you can cram your weekend so full of art and music your soul will thank you for it. For more Upcoming Shows, click here or check out the link up at the top!
If you missed the first night of VagFest, you still have TWO chances to make up for it.

Good music for a good cause?! Those are two of our favorites! The amazing lineup starts and ends early so you still have time to do some good while rocking out before heading out to do some (hopefully, not too) bad while rocking out this Saturday.
This would probably be the show to do the previously mentioned “bad” at on Saturday night. Attend BroLoaf’s Office Party and walk away with the band’s new 7″ – how cool is that? The Venomous Pinks will also be performing, one of our Three Lady Bands That Will Kick Your Ass. It’s true. 

We like to keep our politics personal (or on another site) and stick to art and music at YabYum. That being said, fuck Joe Arpaio. That lying, murdering, thieving media circus… Anyhoo, we’ll be here. You should come too. 

If you are having trouble recovering from all the goodness of your VagFest weekend, this show can help. Let Acorn Bcorn and Numb Bats shake up your Tuesday as well as your weekend. What else are you doing?