Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soup

Gadzooks began as a simple obsession with enchiladas: a not to be underestimated but often overlooked staple of Mexican cuisine. The newly established eatery has already acquired some repeat visitors before the Cinco de Mayo grand opening today. Not surprising once you’ve partaken of the fresh enchilada experience that is Gadzooks to find a familiar crowd forming even though the locale hasn’t quite been serving up their delicious dishes a full month yet.

Set up like a choose-your-adventure, patrons choose their preferred style tortilla, savory filling, and assorted toppings before your concoction is baked to toasty, melty goodness in an open flame oven. Whether you opt for the modelo braised bison or green chile pork shoulder, each is seriously infused with flavor that only comes from slow-cooking. I was excited to discover more than one vegetarian option on the menu which boasts a smashed jack potato filling as well as a sauteed spinach and mushroom selection. Although one might ask, “What else should I expect from a hip, downtown canteen?” it’s still nice to see more than the sole customary vegetarian-option on the menu.

If, for whatever reason, enchiladas are not your “thing”, these same tasty fillings and toppings can be applied to tacos – the traditional short order food of Mexico and the Southwest. Take some time to review your menu options before ordering. With such innovative additions as an over easy egg and pickled onion, Gadzooks can take your taco (or enchilada) from the familiar friend to foodie delight in mere minutes.

And, don’t skip the hand-smashed guacamole! Our super-friendly, and very patient, Gadzooks server Ambrosia insisted on the inclusion of guacamole for our meals and we were not let down.

3313 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: (602) 279-5080

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