Weekly Web Round-Up

Each week we peruse the web and dig up interesting things from Arizona bloggers and web-heads, then we post ’em here. Take a look!

Steph Carrico has started a blog! Co-owner of the Trunk Space, teacher of photography and visual arts, a lover of cats and JJCnV, we at YabYum truly look forward to reading up on her unique view of the Valley. And what’s this, vegan cooking essentials? So rad. Check out Pumpkin Amore here.
This online publication, owned and operated by downtown Phoenix ASU students, provides a cross-the-board look at anything and everything happening downtown. Two recent inspiring stories deal with the tough subject of loss. The first explains how Butter Toast, a vintage shop on 6th and Roosevelt, is closing February  1st. Never fear though, the space is being sold Andrea Engelsberg, owner of Annie Boomer Vintage. Read all about it here. The second story deals with the loss of a public art piece, but also, reminds us how to move forward as a community together. Read it here
Benjamin Leatherman’s new article on Adam “Dumperfoo” Dumper is just plain off the chain. Catch up on some local art history about one of our favorite artists here. You can also check out Adam answer our YabYum 6!
Are you a musician? Have you ever wanted to ask questions about the music industry to a seasoned professional ? Well you’re in luck! Our favorite Terrible People person, Cary Miller, has joined forces with Echo Cloud to “…talk about raw math, hard numbers, problems, ideas. Budgets, technical issues with engineering, booking tours, and anything else you can think of.” Sounds pretty cool. Now get those gears a’grindin’ and think up some good ones to ask him here. You can also check out Cary Miller answer our YabYum 7!
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