Shop Local for Mother’s Day

I know we’re all in a rush these days, but that makes it all the more important to take a moment to acknowledge who brought all this chaos down upon you – your mother. While it might be tempting to take the easy way out next time you run to Target for trash bags or whatever, think about doing something nice for the mother-figure in your life and bolstering the local economy at the same time! We even decided to make it extra easy for you with a few suggestions from our Arizona Artisans team in Etsy. Take a gander at these fabulous finds for your mother this holiday… 
How ’bout the Literal (and adorable) Teacup from the Abandoned Mug Revival outta Tucson?
Or, perhaps, some all-natural bath salts in a fresh lemon scent from Desert Owl Creations?
This cheery cherry blossom teapot is handthrown by Loma Prieta Pottery.
Driftwood and glass beads make a merry sound in this handcrafted mobile from Beadworx.
How cute is this coffee sleeve?! And, at only $5, The Stitched Edge provides a frugal way to show you care.
And, my personal favorite, a goddess crown for the woman who gave you life and kept you alive until you could achieve purchasing power from Alexandre Art
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