Web Round Up!!

We’re about to update our AZ blog directory over the weekend and get our fashion directory up and running. Very exciting times at YabYum HQ. Here are some of the blogs we’ll be adding to our directory in this Web Round Up!
Phoenix People offers interviews with some of the Valley’s coolest characters including astounding Nicole Laurenne of  Zero Zero and the Love Me Nots. Not only is she one of the coolest cats on the music scene, she’s also a Gilbert Municipal Court Judge and my newest girl crush.
PHX [Literal] Music Reviews offers its readers reviews of local shows, literally, like with this review of the recent Sundressed album release show earlier this week!
AZ Kaos has been keeping tabs on local punk for six years now. Check out the latest video from The Limit Club and thank you, AZ Kaos, for keeping us informed.
Echocloud, our friendly neighbor in the local arts blog-o-sphere, brings you more of the music happening around you like the latest release from the Echo Bombs. Oh, and FYI, if you haven’t heard about the tragic thieving that happened in Vegas wherein the Echo Bombs had their gear and a laptop stolen, head to Long Wong’s on June 1st for the tale and bring your wallet cause it’s a fundraiser!
TTD PHX (Things to do in Phoenix) brings you all more activity options for your week than most of us have time to fit in, including local business highlights and museum visits like the Turn of the Sun exhibit currently being featured at ASU.
And, for those of you seeking some “lite” reading might I suggest Exiled Arizona, the musings of a desert-living anarchist-hipster. For example, you might sample “Collaboration with tyranny anywhere demands rebellion and solidarity” or “The Cult of Personality Politic and the Nature of Recall Elections for Sheriffs” – good times.