Five Fabulous Singles

The Prowling Kind


The official album release for the latest from The Prowling Kind is set for August 29th at the Crescent Ballroom. Now, I don’t know what this means for everybody else but what it means for me is that I’ll have to wait nearly two whole months to hear the rest of this album. Once you take a listen to the first single “Babycakes” you’ll totally be on board with me. Peppery rockabilly meets bluesy rock while Mickey Pangburn throws in her sweet and sultry vocals. There’s no going wrong with what I’m hearing from The Prowling Kind. The album should be amazing. Until then, listen to “Babycakes” here and often.


Cassingle (and loving it!)

Phoenix band Dogbreth is off on tour with Diners but before they left us (and the heat) behind for a little while the group released this snappy summer tour tape with two tracks for fans new and old. The first song “Too Much Too Fast” pairs innocent throwback pop with the garage fuzz we’ve come to know and love from Dogbreth. “How Long” brings Erin in on vocals to help pose the heart-wrenching question at the center of every long term relationship, perhaps ever, “How long can I love you?” Listen to the single here today and maybe purchase your own copy. Sure, you can get it for free, but you can also help with some tours costs.


“Bells in Your Marrow”

Finely crafted vocal layers wrap around each other creating the thick but delicate cocoon of sound that is “Bells in Your Marrow”. The creatrix behind the song, Alexandr’e LeMay, we’ve featured before for her visual art and goddess crown (see here) but her music has decidedly captivated us now as well. I recommend listening to a song a couple of times then listen to it again while reading the lyrics and the song will take a powerful turn, drawing you further into the warmth of sound. Experimental and ambient without being distant or dissonant. Listen here.

Bryce Denton

Hugs Not Drugs

The unexpectedly awesome single from Bryce Denton musters up all the energy needed to make piano-driven alternative rock danceably fun.  “Hugs Not Drugs” is definitely a song you want to dance to. The lyrics are smart, sweet, and only a little deranged. But who is Bryce Denton? Obviously, I’ve been left out of the Denton family loop. I know the Sun Ghost one and, now, Bryce… are there more? Can rocknroll be mimetically transferred? I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you check out the song “Hugs Not Drugs” here.



The recently released hiphop single “Coast” from Foreign Features‘ artist Gera is an easy moving jam for summer cruising or poolside parties. “Coast” is cool in both its mode of delivery and its “fuck around and coast” attitude. Listeners get caught in the flow that carries you all too quickly to the end. We’re looking forward to more from Gera. In the meantime, download the track for free here and add it to your summer playlist.