4 Strange and Wondrous Singles

by Mike McQullian

Dangerous Commercials

“How’s the Weather in Chicago?”

This acoustic track is the blistering indictment of a lover who has gone. L.V. Leone’s raw punk-tinged vocals provide fire to melt the snow of the Chicago streets. But it isn’t all anger. An underlying sadness is revealed in lyrics like “Where did we go wrong/Where did we lose track of ourselves?”

Glass Affection

“Through Windows”

I’ve found myself drawn to electronic pop tunes recently. Sierra Vista act Glass Affection have made a great specimen of the genre with “Through Windows.” The lush synths, pulsing beat and electronically-altered vocals add up to a tune great for dancing out on the floor or in the kitchen when no one’s looking.


“Take It Down”

Hypnosis springs to mind when I listen to ughog’s “Take It Down.” Its thumping beat has me mesmerized from the first measure. This is a house track for the ages. I imagine the mastermind(s?) behind ughog telling audiences, “When I snap my fingers you will shake your ass.”

Dead Canyon

“Kingmakers & Dealbreakers”

Dead Canyon’s single “Kingmakers & Dealbreakers” is a blues-rock tour de force. It is a guitar-based assault on the powers-that-be. If you like your guitars heavy and your leaders honest, give this a spin.