Why You Should Buy Your Friend’s Music (Cheapskate)

Buy Your Friends Musicby Frank Ippolito

Associate Editor

Many of you who are reading this right now are musicians. Musicians, who spend hundreds, thousands of hours creating music. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on gear. And hundreds, more like thousands of dollars recording it. Not to mention all the time and effort that you put into marketing it and playing shows.

Well, this is not for you. This message is for your friends and family. (Feel free to tag them…)

Dear friend of a musician,


You may not know this but right now, your musician friend is working hard on their next song. They are. They’re working hard most nights perfecting their craft. Rehearsing until their fingers ache. Until their voices are strained. Playing in hot and sweaty places, taking time out of their life to pursue their passion.

Right now, they are booking gigs. Gigs that do not pay them a single dime, yet, costs them at least $50, (amiright musicians?), to play (counting gas and time – not to mention the depreciation of their gear, it’s a business, even though you don’t think so…).

And, while they’re daydreaming at their day jobs, they sometimes ponder, “What the hell am I doing here and why can’t I play music for a living?”

And while they’re fixated on this fact, they know they aren’t going to be famous. They aren’t going to get a record deal. But yet, they still strive and dedicate themselves to creating music.

But, there is one thing you can do to make them feel better about pursuing this unattainable dream: BUY THEIR MUSIC, CHEAPSKATE.

Here are a couple reasons why you should buy their music:

Reason 1: They work hard on this shit.

Yeah, sure, you may listen to the album once or twice and then forget about it (except for when you use the CD cover as a coaster), but you can’t possibly imagine the effort that goes into creating something like an album. And the 5 or 7 bucks that you’ll spend on it will feel like a million bucks to them.

Reason 2: You will be giving them more than money

Out of the billions of people on the planet, there are a relatively small percentage of people who are actually creating something original. And it’s these people who are adding something positive to the universe. Oh sure, your nephew plays in a death-metal-math-core band, and the singer fries every other word, but it’s still positive energy and that needs to be rewarded. And when you buy their new record you will be giving more than money: you will be giving them the affirmation they will not get from anyone but you (don’t worry, in a few years he’ll be playing in a prog rock band and you’ll be bored to death with the guitar solos, but at least there’s no screaming right?).

Reason 3: You could spend your money a stupider things

There are far more inane things you have spent your money on – why not spend it on something that will endure?

That Big Gulp-sized iced coffee? Sure, the caffeine buzz is awesome, but you’ll be expunging it in less than a half hour. Music lasts forever.

Those “vintage” sunglasses? C’mon, honey, they’re only vintage because someone said they are and they will be out of fashion in a week. Music last forever.

The next time you think about up-sizing to the “large” meal, remember you’re a couple bucks away from owning music. And, have I mentioned: Music last forever.

Reason 4 (and probably the most important): If you don’t buy your friend’s music you’re a fucking cheapskate.

Yes, they will give you a free CD. But then again, when you’re at work do you give away your craft for free? Yes, it’s not the latest from Train (go jump out of a window right now because one less Train fan is a good for humanity), but we’re talking about 10 bucks. At the most. 10 bucks. When was the last time you spent 10 bucks on something that made a difference in someone’s outlook towards life? Towards themselves?

So don’t be a fucking cheapskate, go right now to the site where they are selling their music and buy the album. Buy a song, (it’s a buck cheapskate), and support your friend’s amazingly, ridiculously pie in the sky pipe dream.

DO IT. You’ll feel better. I promise.