Get Outta’ the Heat and Into an Art Museum!!

Here in the Valley of the Sun, were given ample opportunity to gain some culture through our many art museums. If you haven’t been to any in a while (or ever), they have revolving exhibits that you should definitely look into. Check out what’s going on now and get outta’ the heat!
A staple in Tempe since 1950, the ASU Art Museum houses more than 12,000 pieces. Although one of their current exhibitions Zoomorphic is ending in a week, I still highly recommend Turn off the Sun: Selections from la Colección Jumex (through Sept. 7) and Plate • Silk • Stone: Impressions by Women Artists (through Dec. 8). Also make sure and check out Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft (Sep. 7 through Dec. 7 with opening reception Sep 27), I know I will! Admission is free.
Wesley Anderegg Swimming With Piranha 2006
Your desk ever feel like this?
At the corner of Central and McDowell, the Phoenix Art Museum is worth the trek to downtown Phoenix alone!! I apologize for the outburst. Multiple floors chock full o’ world renowned art will do that to me though. As if current exhibitions Hidden Meanings of Love and Death in Chinese Painting and The Art of Video Games isn’t enough to whet your artistic palette, upcoming exhibits Rufino Tamayo: Master Printmaker and Hollywood Costume look downright awesome. Admission is free every Wednesday from 3 to 9 PM and First Fridays.

Guest admires art.

… the hell?


SMoCA: Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The SMoCA truly is a gem for modern art enthusiasts in the Valley. With its smaller size and focused galleries, it can make for a great date night too. James Turrell’s Knight Rise anyone? Current exhibition Stocked: Contemporary Art From the Grocery Aisle gives you the chance to see some Warhol soup cans along with many other fascinating pieces. David Maisel/Black Maps American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime is an absolutely thrilling exhibit which features large-scale photographs of landscapes that have been “transformed through the physical and environmental effects of industrial-scale water diversion projects, open-pit mineral extraction, and urban sprawl.” With the new addition of the “Arizona by Design” section of the SMoCA Store, Arizona artists and designers can now sell their wares right from the museum! Click here to find the Application. Admission is free on Thursday from 12 to 9 PM.
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