Show Some Support!!

We’re not too keen on the self-promotion side but every once in a while we have to send out a friendly request for our readers to show a little support for the work we do here. If you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to “Like” us on Faceyspace here. It would mean a lot to us. Maybe even tell one of your friends about us. We love sharing and art and Arizona. Help us further that cause.

And, maybe Facebook isn’t really your thing. We can respect that. We have a multitude of ways connect with YabYum every day. Try Twitter or Google+ or Instagram or even Pinterest.

If you want to take that extra step and become part of the YabYum team, we currently looking for a few new staffers. Writers, photographers, street team members, business-y people…  Whatever your skill set we might have a place for you if you have the time and interest! Contact us today at Be part of the change happening in Arizona right now!

We’re looking for writers & photographers to cover the following: visual arts, performance art, restaurants, local happenings, house parties, rocknroll, hiphop, punk, jazz, theatre, film, street art, live shows, album reviews, indie, folk, experimental, DJs, open mics, museums and galleries, cultural events, metal, house, country western, and everything else ART under this relentless sun!

And, of course, we hope to see each and everyone of you at the YabYum Summer Spectacular at Long Wong’s in Tempe on August 31. The event is free and we’ve asked some of our favorite acts to perform with a couple of our staff writers’ bands for an awesome evening.

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