Songs from the Listening Room: Phantom Party

phantom party 01The Phantom Party dudes rolled down to The Listening Room Phoenix to take part in our latest Songs from The Listening Room. They played one of our favorite songs, “Peach Honeymoon”, from their A Year In Bed EP which was also featured on our 2017 Favorites Spotify playlist. Check it out, and read our quick interview with Joshua Capati of Phantom Party below…

So, please tell us a little about the song you chose to perform. When did you write it? Anything prompt its creation?

Joshua Capati: “Peach Honeymoon” is essentially a song about the time off I spent from life. I had no job, no inspiration artistically, I developed an eating disorder (I ate excessively), and I would even lie about being in school around my friends and family because I was insecure. I felt like I was falling behind. At the time of writing this song, these various thoughts and feelings were being dealt while I was at my “highest” level of consciousness; which explains the more esoteric essence of the lyrics.

Do you have a method in your songwriting? If not a formalized process, a habitual approach?

As far as my method of songwriting goes, I believe that my most colorful ideas stem from spontaneous feelings. Lately I’ve been taking a more eclectic approach because it feels the fresh and new every time. Instead of asking myself “why?” I started to ask myself “why not?” It’s a liberating feeling.

Do you try to keep to a regular songwriting schedule? Or is it a bit more haphazard? Maybe sitting down when inspiration hits or squeezing in time as you find it?

Tying into what I mentioned before, I have been taking an uninhibited view on songwriting. I don’t have a set schedule. What happens, happens. It’s a double edged sword because while I have to dig deeper to find inspiration, it’s been taking me weeks, sometimes months to write a song.

Who are some of the songwriters that inspire you &/or your own work?

At the moment I’ve been influenced by artists from Jim Morrison (The Doors), to Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), and Elvis Costello. I’m an old soul, I identify a lot with these artists.

Any new projects in the works that we should keep watch for?

I am currently almost done writing our sophomore full length album. So far it’s sounding quite colorful. We are really excited.


For more Phantom Party, check out their Bandcamp.

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