7 Mellow + Eclectic Music Videos

Kat Wright
“Come Dance”

This single comes to us from Kat Wright’s debut LP, By My Side. The Vermont songbird has a sultry sound that calls to mind London Soul, but “Come Dance” is a joyous declaration. And the music video really captures the exuberance of the song.


John Isaac Watters
“Train for the Desert”

This track comes to us from John Isaac Watters’ three-song EP, Past Hope Now, which accompanies “a desert triptych film made in collaboration with Anthony Nikolchev and Gema Galiana.” The LA-based songwriter once called Tucson home and you can hear that Western amble in “Train for the Desert”.


“Your Melody” 

To create her unique indie sound, Brazilian-Norwegian singer-songwriter reSouza draws from two different musical traditions: folk and bossa nova. “Your Melody” definitely leans more to the former as reSouza creates very visceral moments with the emotive energy of her voice. She draws you into the song while the video draws you into the idle winter of Norway.

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Sandy Scribbles

I feel like I should have some sort of drug in my system when I watch Sandy Scribbles’ new music video. Maybe it’s because of the strangely compelling animated narrative of the video itself or maybe its the chill soundscape that carries the listener through “Kaytranada”. All I’m saying, drugs or not, this video is pretty dope.


The Singer and The Songwriter
“Wild Heart”

The music video for “Wild Heart” features some spectacular choreography from Daly City’s urban dance team, The Company, to help convey the powerful message of this this orchestral indie-folk number. The duo from California known simply as The Singer and The Songwriter first shared “Wild Heart” on the band’s EP, DIRECTIONS, which came out in October.


Natalia Marrokin
“Go Down & Go Down”

Natalia Marrokin is one to watch out for. She won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and, upon graduating, set to work on her first album. “Go Down & Go Down” is one of the tracks from that release and it showcases Marrokin’s retro blend of jazz and soul in her voice and in the songs that she writes.


“All Things Under the Sun”  

Wulf made a name for himself in his native Netherlands  after appearing on the summer smash single, “Summer On You”, back in 2016. Now the artist is ready for that solo smash with “All Things Under the Sun”. The music videos sweeping cinematography is well-matched to the uplifting charge of the single.


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