Mondo Twang for the Sophisticated Listener

I’m not one to kvetch about how terrible the radio is these days. Instead, I’m exploring the wonderful world of podcasts to help meet my weekly music listening needs.

Mondo Twang brings eclectic vintage samplings and new indie roots music to their listeners every week. Music Blogger/Journalist Jason P. Woodbury and DJ/musician Shane Kennedy together are the force behind the podcast. These cats know music. It is their everyday and you can hear it in the tracks they choose.

Shane’s a little bit country and Jason is a little bit pop. It’s a match in music fan heaven. Together, as Mondo Twang, they present the ultimate in hip from present day to ol’timey. In a town where hip is always a little tragic for lack of a properly appreciative audience, I’m excited to know that some folks are fighting the good fight against despair. It’s time to develop a more sophisticated musical palate, Arizona. Mondo Twang is here to help.

As a true blue music lover, I’m always seeking out that next great song I haven’t heard or that track I might have overlooked. Listening to Mondo Twang proves highly instructional. I was introduced to Kelly Stoltz and Karen Dalton, amongst others. During their podcasts, I’ve found myself thinking things like I thought George Harrison wrote that song. Or, Have I always been mispronouncing Mazzy Star? It’s embarrassing and educational.

With five shows under their belt, Mondo Twang looks like it’s here to stay. The most recent installment was recorded at the Crescent Ballroom which could mean more on-location shows to come.

The only thing missing is a track list, but I guess they can’t make it too easy. To be fair, they do tell you what they’re playing. You gotta work a little for it. In a world where we’re all becoming stupid for convenience’ sake, people don’t understand the all the hard work that goes into developing a respectable musical vernacular.

We do. And that’s part of the reason we’re super appreciative for podcasters like Shane Kennedy and Jason Woodbury sharing their accumulated wealth with the rest of us schlubs. Make sure you listen to Mondo Twang every week.



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