Treasure Mammal – Ten Years and Counting

Treasure Mammal

10 Years of Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle Featuring D.R.U.M.B.

Treasure Mammal is more than a band. It is an immersion study in your own id. Not the scary place we must seek to repress but the colorful, mystical, sexual cocoon we should all explore a little more and maybe the world would then be a better place. They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary with the release of 10 Years of Treasure Mammal Cumming Full Circle Featuring D.R.U.M.B. with the help of Phoenix’s Related Records.

In addition to long-standing favorites from the group like “Amethyst” and “Stevie Wonder to the Bullshit” we also get to hear newer tracks like “Best Friends Forever 4 Mark Erickson”. I’m particularly taken with the Brokeback Remix of “Bromance” – always a classic no matter the form.   And, we can’t forget T. Mammal’s cover of 311’s “Amber”. It’s amazing.

We must tip our metaphoric hats to Abelardo Andre Gill III: ringleader, musical mastermind, and originator of the Treasure Mammal movement. Also part of his current cast of hedonistic rabble-rousers are Dave Driscoll, Jef Wright, Matt Wood, A Claire Slattery, and Ryan Stephensen, to probably leave a couple out. It’s a hard crew to keep up with.

To coincide with the anniversary, the members of Treasure Mammal also participated in a group art show hosted by The Trunk Space to commemorate this historic occasion. Make sure you head out to see it before November 3rd! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the album here.