Looking for a Few Good Folks

Looking for a few good folks 00Are you the type of person who is always looking for new and exciting things happening in your hometown? Do you like to share these findings with others? Then you should definitely consider joining the YabYum Music & Arts team! We’re looking for a few good folks to cover music of all genres, visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, local culture and events!

Photography-Indie-EDM-Ska-Films-Museums-Rock-HipHop-Theatre-Dance-Roller Derby-Sculpture-Comedy-Poetry-Metal- and the list goes on and on (and on).

Maybe you’re interested in Minimalist Noise Music? Or Vegan Dining in the Southwest? Or maybe you really like Arizona music from the 50s and 60s? We serve a diverse readership so we appreciate the unique interests of our writers.

If you’re interested, please drop us a line at yymeditors@gmail.com.

A few key points… We’re an entirely non-monetary operation so all positions are volunteer. Additionally, we are a regional publication. Our coverage area includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

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