Best Album Covers of 2013

As a group of folks who spend their days writing about music, we have an extra appreciation for folks who create visual art to accompany music. Today we’d like to share our favorite album covers from 2013… 
The Haymarket Squares
The retro-styling of Righteous Ruckus suits the sound of the Haymarket Squares so much so that we had to add it to our list of favorites.
Michael David Little

I guess one of the bonuses to being both an amazing musician and visual artist is that you always have someone willing to put the time into designing a really stellar cover for your album every time.
Cherie Cherie

A simple black and white design that incorporates cacti and an homage to Cher? We’re all about it. Designed by Jacki O of Poolboy fame, that’s super cool too.

The feisty, fiery album art that fronts Barrio Sideshow landed it on our list. El Moises is the artist behind the cover.
Man Hands
We love the strange, morphing faces that fronts the band’s latest full-length album, Misadventures, designed by Sierra Joy.

Tierra Firme
Of course we had to have Tierra Fime’s cover for Eons on our list with artwork by multidisciplinary artist Steven J. Yazzie, how could we not??

Former Friends of Young Americans

Dark, isolated, confined, and exposed. All the emotions conveyed by album cover from Dives like a Fool, Swims like the Dead so eloquently pairs with the music found therein. Richie Tovar photographed by Peter Brian Klein.
The Modeens
With graphics by the Modeens’ singer/guitarist Jamie Laboz, we felt the cover of Electric Caribou perfectly captures the feel of this super fun rocknroll album. 
Captain Squeegee

Designed by Fabián Jiménez, the cover of To the Bardos matches the vivacity of the music created by Captain Squeegee.
Hug of War

Designed by Daniel Funkenhouser, the cover for Hug of War’s The Wrath of Kron is fresh and kooky.

The album art for Whiskey with Milk was created by James B. Hunt, a favorite artist here at YabYum.
The Zoo Incident
With Lovely being the story of how members Alex and Andrea met, we felt this painting by Daniel Conkovich perfectly illustrates this love story.