Most Innovative Undertaking: Rubber Brother Records

There are those who talk about doing and those who actually do. Robbie Pfeffer and Gage Olesen of Rubber Brother Records are definitely do-ers. Love the music they put out or you hate it (we love it, btw), you have to respect the fact that the label boys have kept it pushing since Day One.

It was just last June that we saw the launch of Rubber Brother Records. Since that time, they’ve signed more than 50 bands from this great state as well as others, played host to touring acts, personally reinvigorated the tape trade in the Valley, helped to connect a new generation to jazz with their Sunday night soirees, and it looks like they’re just getting started. If they keep up this pace they might be five years from looking to end world hunger.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but it underscores a very real truth. Robbie and Gage are a powerful force for the good of Valley music. We’re excited to see what another year of Rubber Brother Records will bring.

Make sure to tune into the YabYum Music & Arts Hour on Radio Phoenix this Friday from 7-8pm to hear us chatting with Gage and Robbie. Be prepared for a lively show, we’ll be spinning some RBR hits for your listening pleasure.

Toasting the fact we were able to rally so many RBR folks to one place at one time.
Still waiting for a couple more people…
Gage cleaning up like a responsible young business owner.

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