Best New Band: Fairy Bones

Some bands start by making the bar rounds. Others write an album’s worth of songs and hit the studio first. And there are those that are out the gate at the sound of the gun and just keep running without looking back. That’s Fairy Bones.

Just last week the band celebrated their first anniversary and, in that time, they’ve gone from scrambling to get added to any gig to sharing their record release show with the likes of The Love Me Nots, which is just about the biggest name you can draw from the local pool. They’ve been signed to 80/20 Records. They put out their first music video and have more on the way. And they’ve developed an eclectic following of die-hard fans, and I do mean die-hard. Don’t cross a Fairy Bones’ fan. They lurk among you. Bar owners, musicians, YabYum staffers…

Comprised of odd assortment hooligans (lifemates Robert and Chelsey along with the brothers Foos), Fairy Bones provide something totally refreshing in a scene plagued by rehashed sounds. If you want to make something really memorable, be different.  This band does different fabulously. We can’t wait for Year Two.

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