Best Debut Album: Jared & the Mill

Some bands rush to record and the music tends not to be fully-ripened. Some wait and then the result isn’t worth it because it leads to an over-produced record.

Western Expansion by Jared & the Mill is the perfect blend of the two. Western Expansion is one of the best debut albums locally to date. The theme is not only a story of westward migration, underneath it all Jared & the Mill weave tales of personal relationships and the blossoming of the soul within.

The record is perfectly arced in that the first track takes the listener above the clouds, filling the mind with hope of new adventure. The middle songs leave us wandering a bit and it ends with a crescendo that leaves us with the feeling like there is indeed hope in the end.

Here‘s where you can give Western Expansion a listen. Congrats Jared & the Mill, you certainly have a lot to live up to and personally, we can’t wait for the next record.