Best NewGrass Album: The SunPunchers

The one album we couldn’t stop listening to – no matter if we were feeling blue, happy, or simply hanging out on a Saturday afternoon – was the EP Honey by The SunPunchers. That’s why it’s are our pick for Best NewGrass album.

With a group comprised of musical virtuosi Henri Benard (Dry River Yahct Club) on drums, Fred Reyes (also DRYC) on baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, Jeff Schnuck (The Shammys) on mandolin and Betsy Ganz on guitar and lead vocals, The SunPunchers have taken “Desert rock” and turned it into “Desert roots revival” and the sound that they have captured is mesmerizing. BTW, Betsy, you make us swoon.

Many congratulations and we look forward to seeing what you have next for all of us. Click here for our original review of Honey.

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