Musician Most Likely High Right Now: HotRock SupaJoint

It’s common conception that musicians get high. No, let us restate, it’s a fact. And whilst a very high percentage (see what we did there?) of artists use artificial means for inspiration, here in our musical community there is one musician we have a sneaky suspicion it’s less hobby and more career: HotRock SupaJoint.

This is, of course, assumptive knowledge. We write this based on some of his track titles: “Weed Weed Muckafucka”, “Happy Birthday MF Smoke Weed”, and of course, the pièce de résistance, “Who Loves Weed More Than We Do?” That’s an easy answer: NO ONE.

Congrats HotRock SupaJoint, we hope you enjoy the award. That is, if you remember receiving it.

For more on HotRock Supa Joint and his album Rollin Stoned, head here.