Best Invite-Only Place To See A Show: Parliament

When the folks of Rubber Brother Records established their label and sought an office space, they had a couple of stipulations in place for potential landlords. First, they needed to agree to a special clause written into the contract allowing for excessive noise after business hours. Second, they had to be okay with a few “tenant improvements”… like a stage. This allows Rubber Brother to host gatherings featuring live music from signed bands and friends of the label. Gatherings are always low key and friendly even when the music gets extra rowdy. Maybe that’s because the location isn’t made public. You have to know the label or one of the bands to score the invite, but in this town, everyone seems to know everyone.

By day, the label uses the space for the usual business of screenprinting t-shirts, pressing buttons, and orchestrating new cassette releases. By night, you’ll find some exciting events underway like their jazz nights on the occasional Sunday or the super fabulous Round Robin showcases. Get out to shows, support Rubber Brother Records and their bands through social media, and you just might score that address-yielding invite.

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