7 Worthy Contributions – Help Make Art Happen!

In the era of DIY, we – as consumers – have a responsibility to the artists we value. Supporting a project in the earliest stages means you can help see those projects to a successful end. This isn’t just a one-way street. Artists are often willing to give something back to their contributors. Score yourself some amazing, unique swag for your support of the following projects…

Trunk Space AC & Festival Fundraiser

If The Trunk Space doesn’t get this money, we’re closing down YabYum and moving to Portland. So there. We said it and we mean it. Give them your money! Do it here! For a piddly $25 you can get your own copy of the Trunk Space 10 year compilation. For a little more you can get your own collectible anniversary poster in a variety of designs, depending on your personal favorite TS alum. 

I Must Be Dead launches I Support Strippers

I Must Be Dead Photography is lauching a new project. Now, I Must Be Dead just happens to be one of our favorite photographers, like, ever, so when we heard he had a new project on the horizon we were excited, to say the least. When we heard the project was tentatively titled “I Support Strippers” our feelings we’re mixed, but if anyone can take a love of strip clubs and turn it into viable, meaningful artwork, we’re banking on I Must Be Dead. You should too (with a contribution), here.

Help Running Wild Films Make Duel at the Mound

Whether you discovered one of Running Wild Films’ 52 projects from last year or you’re just now discovering these ambitious Arizona filmmakers, this is a project worth looking into. And, for a measly $5 you can have your name in a movie (among the thanks at the end of the credits, but it definitely counts). Check out more about Duel at the Mound here and make your contribution!

Help American Standards Record Their Latest EP

American Standards have been together for four years now and they’ve kept pretty busy during that time. The time has come for their fourth EP and the band could use a little help with the recording costs. Score digital copies of the album for as little as $5 or, for a little more, you can earn yourself patches, stickers, or even the beloved beer koozie. Metal fans should head here and contribute.

Robyn Landis to Record Third Studio Album 

Singer-songwriter Robyn Landis has big plans for her third studio album. She’s making a trek to Virginia to record with John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s longtime producer and guitarist). Landis will need a little community support to make these dreams a reality and that’s where we come in. Contributions can earn you Robyn’s complete discography (called the Landis Library) or even a personal songwriting coaching session. More here.

The Glass River Manga Fund

What started as a high school creative writing assignment has grown into the webseries looking to move into print. Roxy Roo is the creatrix behind The Glass River. For a small contribution you can get your own print edition of The Glass River, bookmarks featuring characters, or even an original watercolor. Peruse your options here.

The Adventures of Superstoner

Arizona seems to be getting greener by the day. It’s about time we had our own satirical marijuana anti-hero, I mean, other than HotRock SupaJoint. Contributions yield all sorts of goodies from digital copies of the comic to your own likeness in a comic book smoke-out session with Supertstoner. Cough up some cash here.

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