James B. Hunt Releases 23 BIRDS FOR TEMPE Into the Wild

We at YabYum have been following the artistic antics of James B. Hunt (or NXOEED) for a little while now, and we’re always impressed by the level of self-determination of this particular artist. So what happens when the painter’s latest show falls through? Why, simply take the art to the streets, of course, and let your fans, or random passersby, use clues or simply their eyes to find the art and even keep it for themselves.

As with many people, the number 23 holds powerful meaning to Hunt so when an event was planned on February 23rd of this year, he knew it would be something special. However, he hadn’t counted on losing the venue. With another location not available until March 12th, NXOEED took it as a sign and took his art to the street.

Hiding his art out in public is nothing new to James, he’s been doing it for the past 10 years. What is new is that they will be in plain sight – hanging on telephone poles and relaxing under trees. So states the artist on the Facebook Event page for 23 BIRDS, “On Sunday, February 23rd at around 4:00 pm, I’ll be hiding 23 paintings throughout the city of Tempe. Watch closely for anything unusual hanging on random alleyway fences or resting against street signs. It’s probably a painting.”

Hunt will begin posting maps, clues, and photographs on his website, NXOEED.com and his Facebook Event page at 4 PM. Keep your peepers clear and survey the streets like a hawk and you may just walk away with a sweet piece of free art from the one and only James B. Hunt!

by Mark Anderson
Editorial Staff
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