YabYum Music & Arts Hour Podcast: Rubber Brother Records

rubber brother 00We had some technical difficulties in January during the live show so we’re sharing the podcast early. Robbie Pfeffer and Gage Olesen of Rubber Brother Records joined us on the air for an hour of good times and swell music. The complete playlist can be found below. Don’t forget to join us later this month on  Fourth Friday (Feb. 28) for the next installment. decker. will be joining us in the studio. Good times will be had by all.
Diners “Good Zone”
more on Diners hereThere is Danger “Passport”
more on There is Danger hereHasty Escape “What All This Turns Out To Be”
more on Hasty Escape here

Sundressed “Hold Your Head Up High”
more on Sundressed here

The Rebel Set “Back in Town”
more on The Rebel Set here

Los Puchos “Swamp Town”

JJCnV “Evel Knievel”
more on JJCnV here

Playboy Manbaby “Brenden Lechner”
more on Playboy Manbaby here

Field Tripp “Wrapped in Plastic”

Snail Quail “Fina”
more on Snail Quail here

B.O.T.S. “While U Do What U Do”

Iji “Figure Out the Party”

Sweetbleeders “We Were Never Here”