Throwback Thursday: Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special

I’ve written it once and I’ll write again right now, (see what I did there?), I love love love love listening to bands that I know are special, (someone stop me), that I haven’t heard or seen live. The reason: I hit can “play” without any preconceived opinion.

And thank Frank Zappa, because from the very first note of the self-titled Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special record, all I have to say is: Wowzers.

I mean, seriously? The very first thing that struck me, (dare I say like midnight?), was the absolute dominance of Ms. Robinson’s voice. Her range is fantastic. Oh sure, people have referenced Janis and Stevie, but for me, this chick is a straight out reincarnation of the best the singers Motown has ever had. For real. I dare you to go back and listen to some of the records, shut your eyes, and you may not be able to tell the two apart. I did. I couldn’t.

The only thing that rivals Robinson’s voice, is her band: Da-am.

Brandon Croft, Evan Knisely and Brenden McBride are freakin’ terrific. The combination of rock, blues, and funk is pretty epic – and can I get another “Da-am” for the huge, I mean ginormous Led Zeppelin-inspired choruses and crazy hooky hooks? It’s a pretty powerful record to say the least. BTW, is it possible to be in love with a Wah-wah pedal? (Just checking.)

Lookit, I refrain, (oh my gosh someone stop me), from listing each and every track from the album, let me just state I truly liked each and every one of them and they deserve a listen.

I just read Sarah and the Midnight (freakin’) Special are back in the studio. Yes. And please. Trouble is, do I listen to it or wait until I get to review it? Before that happens, you should put in some time with the band’s self-titled debut. You can hear Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special here.

Frank Ippolito
Staff Writer