7 Eclectic Experimental Sounds

experimental 00Soft Shoulder

“Repeat #4 aka Desert Plants and Scooter in Carport”

When Soft Shoulder drops a single on you, they really go for it. It’s always more than a song; it is an entire sonic experience. And that’s what you’ll find on “Repeat #4 aka Desert Plants and Scooter in Carport”. Brooding and dissonant, this single refuses to be rushed and therein lies the genius. It makes you learn to love the disquiet, the unease, by drawing you in and holding you there. This is not a chaotic experience, but a linear journey and one you all should take. Listen to “Repeat #4” below…



Sownbones is the ambient, minimalist undertaking of Arizona musician Ryan Osterman who you might know from such acts as Owl & Penny and Holy Fawn. On “Grin” you’ll find yourself wandering through the hidden mystical world you always secretly suspected was just beneath the surface of the world you are forced to face every single day. It will restore your belief that magic might actually exist as the harsh realities of your waking life begin to seem like a twisted illusion. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Almost as lovely as this single. Give “Grin” from Sownbones a spin below… Your spirit will thank you.

Bad Husband

“Do Dadaists Grow Surrealistic Tomatoes in Abstract Gardens?”

New York’s Bad Husband poses the question, “Do Dadaists Grow Surrealistic Tomatoes in Abstract Gardens?” in the duo’s latest single. The song follows a simple guitar melody into a dream ether of incorporeal sounds that will leave you in a warm haze and wanting more. Thankfully, Bad Husband offers up a second track on this release. “Spaceman” has a bit more structure, but the sensation of floating remains present so stick around and allow the feeling to persist. Ponder “Do Dadaists Grow Surrealistic Tomatoes in Abstract Gardens?” below…

Hank Midnight

“How We Want It”

This new single from Hank Midnight comes to us from his album, Motel, a whopping 18-track release. “How We Want It” combines a stripped-down instrumentation, just a keyboard and drum track, with drone-y vocals for a fresh sound. The track carries with it a darker hue; evoking the image of cityscapes under the cover of night, something sparsely illuminated from within. Listen to “How We Want It” below and, if you dig it, move onto the complete LP, Motel, available through Spotify here.

Lana del Rabies

Starving Escape Artist

If you’re in the mood for something despondent and totally engrossing, throw yourself into the startling experience that is Starving Escape Artist by Lana del Rabies. Phoenix’s Sam An creates an immersive experience, one that will entrance you… you know, if brooding, heavily texturized, experimental music is up your alley. It’s up mine so I loved the controlled chaos found on Starving Escape Artist. There is no favorite track; each song bleeds and oozes into the next. This is a release you’re going to want to sink down into and stay with until the very end. Allot the appropriate time to submerge.



An instrumental sextet based in Istanbul? Count us in. Lopenstraat takes a more “traditional” slant on experimentation by incorporating a free form jazz feel into the overarching song structure. The result is the sweeping, progressive number “Kaşıntı”. The single also appears on the band’s debut EP, Şile, which came out in October. Give “Kaşıntı” a listen here before moving on to the full EP from Lopenstraat (available here).

Youceff Kabal

“Strange Tones”

Youceff Kabal released “Strange Tones” on his album, El Yunque, back in the Spring of 2015, but his recent release of a new music video for the single was just cause for a revisit. Kabal creates a hallucinatory soundscape, like floating through sunset-colored clouds, in the course of this 11-minute track. I suggest zoning out with the music video (here) while the music surrounds and uplifts you. Then, of course, you should continue on to El Yunque which available through Bandcamp and iTunes.