Sunday Brunch at the Crêpe Bar

Some people do church, we do brunch. And, thankfully, Tempe has a great little spot that can meet the needs of any questing foodie or recovering, Saturday reveler alike. The Crêpe Bar offers more than delectable dishes to break your fast, they bring a unique, carefully-crafted culinary experience each and every time. Whether you go in for the savory or the sweet, the Crêpe Bar will make for a memorable meal.

 My first time in, I opted out of the aptly titled “First Time” – a crêpe combining Nutella and banana brûlée popular for first (and subsequent) visits – and instead indulged in the “Vanilla Bean Custard” with strawberries. I waited for round two a week later before sampling from the savory side in the form of the “Smokey” which combines chorizo, smoked gouda, turkey, and avocado. Next time, I might go for the Lemon Drop (curd, hibiscus gel, and lemon crystals) or maybe the Grand Prix (coffee crêpe, pork belly, maple glazed pork jowl,  egg up) if I’m feeling extra adventurous. For a complete listing of offerings, head over to the Crêpe Bar’s website here for the full menu.

Did we mention that they serve really great coffee?

And, just a fair bit of warning for all you out there that like to shake things up a bit when you order, the Crêpe Bar politely reserves the right to refuse special orders. My boyfriend just so happens to the be the king of special orders who always wants to know if he “add a little X” or “get that on the side?” The answer in all likelihood will be, politely, no. That’s for two reasons. First of all, the Crêpe Bar locally sources most of the food you will be served and that requires exacting calculations for what their dishes need. If you want eggs with that, the Andouille (sausage, pimento cheese, fingerling potatoes, egg up) might get the shaft in the end.

Secondly, the people behind the Crêpe Bar know what they’re doing. You have to trust them on this one. They worked hard to find the perfect flavor combinations needed to enliven your palate. You’re not going to make it any better by swapping the cheese or adding some fruit. It’s not going to happen. You’ll thank them afterward. Trust us.

Make sure you sample brunch at the Crêpe Bar more than once so you can delve into both sides of the menu; sweet and savory. If you head down on the weekend, remember, greatness is not instantly achievable so you might have to wait. Don’t get cranky. The place hops on the weekend so get there early or plan on waiting.

For more information on the Crêpe Bar, check out their website here. Or their Facebook page here.

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