YabYum Music & Arts Hour Podcast: Mitchell Hillman and Jeff Moses

yabyum music 00We had an extra special show in April featuring local music writers Mitchell L. Hillman and Jeff Moses. For the complete playlist, look below. And, don’t forget to tune into Radio Phoenix at 8 pm this Friday for the next installment of the YabYum Music & Arts Hour!!!

Petty Things “Bored”
Small Leaks Sink Ships “Yellow Bird”
Bear State “I’m Stupid, I’m Dumb, And I Have No Brain”
Genre “East Coast Sunshine Blues”
Treasure Mammal “She’s Leaving Home”
Numb Bats “Angry Woman”
The Hourglass Cats “Too Damn Rude”
Playboy Manbaby “Falafel Pantyhose”
Wolvves “Static”
Vial of Sound “Myself with You”
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