Our Big Announcements

We’re super excited.

Dear Readers,

YabYum Music & Arts will be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary on June 1st. We wanted to take a moment out of our hectic schedule to thank you for your continued and growing support. Our goal at YabYum is to bring together all of the diverse elements of Arizona art and music into one central hub to keep you informed about all the wonderful things happening around the state.

During our first five years we’ve moved from monthly coverage to daily, bringing you more everyday and, more recently, we started working with Radio Phoenix to expand our modes of delivery to include the airwaves.

Today, we’re excited to share a few big announcements with you about what you can expect from us in the year to come.

First of all, we’ll be continuing our work with Radio Phoenix, not only on the monthly YabYum Music & Arts Hour every Fourth Friday, but a new weekly music hour was introduced every Wednesday called RISE!. We’ll be working with RISE! to bring you more local listening and this summer we’re hoping to move from our internet-only listening option to a real, fancy, can-be-turned-on-in-the-car radio station.

To celebrate Year Five, we’re launching our grand re-design project here at YabYum. Expect a brand-spanking-new site come June 1st of this year. We will be taking down the website during the last week of the month while we undergo all the changes we have lined up, but we’ll be back and better than ever in time for our birthday!!

And, finally, we are going to be expanding our coverage area to include bands and artists from nearby states. We’re hoping to increase not only our readership, but the interconnectedness of our region. We recognize that the majority of our readers are musicians and artists here in Arizona. We’re hoping our expansion can assist with others by connecting to new areas which can help with tours, finding new fans, and learning more about what the region has to offer. You’re going to love it.

The YabYum Crew