End of the Year Knockout: Day Before Plastics

day before plastics coverIf you’re looking to gain a lot of attention for your impending album release, it’s usually a good idea not to schedule it near the end of the year. Everyone in the press is swamped wrapping up the year and preparing for any awards their publication has planned. What’s more, fans are usually extra busy with the holiday season and less likely to make plans to attend a release show. Day Before Plastics ignored all that and unleashed one of the best albums we heard all year. Explosive Sadness captured our ears when we were otherwise in a flurry of revisiting the best of the best from the previous eleven months. Explosive Sadness demands repeated listens. It’s eclectic offerings of sounds move from summery pop jams to spaced out rocknroll. Day Before Plastics have come a long way since they were one of Frank’s “Hidden Gems” [more here] back around the time of their debut EP. We can’t wait to hear where they go from here.