5 Eclectic Electronica Singles from AZ

0Robots with Rayguns

One More Time

The fresh sythnpop of Robots with Rayguns always gets a cheer down at HQ whenever a new release looms in the approaching distance. “One More Time” is the first release from Fresh As It Gets, the latest EP from Lucas Patrick Smith also known as Robots with Rayguns. This marks the third full-length from the project. “One More Time” definitely found a spot on my gym playlist and maybe even my next party playlist. It’s made to get people moving. Listen here. Album drops at the end of the month!


0Elmo Kirkwood

Giving Up the Ghost

Putting an indie rock spin on electronica, Elmo Kirkwood has been posting tracks from his recent forays into experimental music. “Giving Up the Ghost” is my favorite of these endeavors. The tracks are part of a new LP that Kirkwood is planning to record on his iPhone. Yeah, this shit is crazy. He’s using apps like Garage Band to mix samples and arrange tracks. Technology, kids. And it’s probably a good thing that Elmo’s opting for the phone over the studio for this project because it looks like he’ll be touring this Fall with the Meat Puppets. I suggest checking out “Giving Up the Ghost” here and continuing onto other tracks available through the artist’s Soundcloud page.


I Must Be DeadI Must Be Dead

Sex Machine

The photographer we all know and love has been indulging his other love… music. “Sex Machine” is an early endeavor into the world of sound production. There is something dirty about “Sex Machine” and it’s not just the inclusion of an orgasmic (literally) vocal track. It’s exactly the sort of musical experience I would expect from the sex-crazed, drug-addled (or aided?) creator of the visual experience that is I Must Be Dead. Listen here. For more about the photographic arts of I Must Be Dead, head here.


0Cable Car Crash

Esprit En Rose

The innovative experiments in sound that Lorne Mills releases as Cable Car Crash are as innovative as they are enjoyable. For “Esprit En Rose” the artist deconstructed Louis Armstrong’s “La Vie En Rose” and Four Tet’s “Spirit Fingers” and reassembled the pieces in for his own musical purposes. The result can be heard here. You won’t find just a musical mash-up, but a totally re-imagined piece that integrates elements of its predecessors fluidly.


0Eugene Phantasm

Cosmic Dawn

The space-jazz feel of “Cosmic Dawn” definitely drew me into the electronic undertaking and held me there. Written and performed by John E. Hopkins of the Brothers Cosmos, “Cosmic Dawn” is the first single from the forthcoming release, The Eugene Phantasm EP. I’m hoping for more jazz-infused chillwave from Eugene Phantasm in the months to come. Until then, make sure you zen out to “Cosmic Dawn” here. And if you dig the mellow musicality of Eugene Phantasm, I’d seriously consider checking out more releases from John E. Hopkins mainstay: The Brothers Cosmos.