Best Comeback: Billy Sedlmayr

billy 01

Photo by Nicci Radhe

When life gets the upperhand, it can seem insurmountable to change your position. Billy Sedlmayr did just that. After combatting both drug abuse and prison life, Sedlmayr returned to music this year with Charmed Life; a stunning, salt-of-the-earth storybook. Bob Hanshaw, author of our Tucson Portraits series, describes the album as, “a bleak picture painted with lush colors. It’s a story of the hard desert, and a man who came through it scarred and bitten. It’s sometimes too close to the bone.” We couldn’t have said it better.

For a man who has performed with bands like The Pedestrians and Giant Sandworms/Giant Sand, Billy had quite the legacy to live up to in his first solo venture. Charmed Life is a complete success and an album we have enjoyed countless times since its October release last year. Gabriel Sullivan produced the album, matching the masterful songcraft with an equally impressive studio delivery.

Purchase the album Charmed Life here. And, for more on Billy Sedlmayr, check out Bob Hanshaw’s Tucson Portrait here.

Charmed Life