Most Committed Crew: The Trunk Space

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Booking shows is my least favorite activity ever. It’s a complete pain in the ass. Bands, and musicians in general, seem to be schedule-impaired and are usually not responsive in a very timely fashion. That can be challenging when you’re striving to maintain a hectic show calendar. The volunteers at The Trunk Space are the brave and willing, the ones who sift through hours of music submissions, the ones who show up early and stay for the whole show.

Steph Carrico, owner of The Trunk Space, leads the band of music-loving ruffians and can often be found (wo)manning the door of the Grand Avenue establishment that has held its ground for 10 years and counting. In that time, The Trunk Space has earned a reputation as the place for all-ages shows for everyone who prefers innovative music to the commercial rock/pop that commands the airwaves. And they don’t stop there. The Trunk Space hosts art exhibitions and performance pieces outside the realm of music.

It takes a committed crew to make it all happen. The Trunk Space is a volunteer-run space. The music lovers and art aficionados who give their time also help arrange the onslaught of eclectic offerings that take place throughout the year at The Trunk Space. We at YabYum just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work of the assorted staffers who have helped out during the last decade. The community appreciates your ongoing efforts:

Andrew Kendall
Andy Warpigs
Ben Nandin
Cesar Ruiz
CJ Melton
Clay Martin
Cody Hazelle
Connor Descheemaker
Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer
Erin Caldwell
Ethan Pierson
Gloria Vigil
Illya Riske
John Saccoman
Laurel Freeman
Marcus Leatham
Mike Bogumill
Robert Raya
Sam Smith
Stillman Busselle
Tristan Jemsek
Tyler Blue
Vigil jack
Hayden Dijkstra
Jack Zubia
Ryan Avery
Taylor Geiss
Crystal Burnett
Alex Benson
Seth Kasselman

Of course, a very special shout-out goes out to Steph and JRC for getting the whole ball rolling! And, if you’ve never seen it, check out the Trunk Space Creation Story here.

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