Top 20 Videos of 2014

The Prowling Kind
“Melted Together”

Director: Frank Thomas

“That Thang”

Director: Jakob Owens

Prom Body
“My Paradise”

Director: Ryan Glenn

Burning Palms

Director: Rory O’Rear

Captain Squeegee
“The Factory”

Director: Matty Steinkamp

The Thin Bloods
“Peter Was A Virus”

Director: Ryan Lee Caldwell

Samuel L Cool J
“Slip and Slide”

Director: Grant McCord

Playboy Manbaby
“Choppy Chad”

Director: Tyler Huffman

Captain Squeegee

Animation: Johnny McHone

No Volcano

Director: Pete Hinz

Blanche Beach

Director: Herbert Deuce

Luna Aura

Director: Fweshly Dipped

“No Free Meals”

Director: Caleb Gutierrez

Head Over Heart
“You and Me”

Director: Neil Schwartz

Boss Frog
“Two Mouth One Mouth”

Director: Bud Bennett

The Haymarket Squares
“Gateway Drug”

Directors: Dan De Vivo & Francisco Flores

“Wide Range”

Director: Ben Kitnick

“20 Million”

Director: Youceff Kabal & Anne H. Furlong