Radio Phoenix Podcast with Field Tripp

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Dan Tripp of the band Field Tripp came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts to join us live on Radio Phoenix for our first show of the year. Dan brought along bandmate Cassidy Hilgers (also of Sister Lip fame) and good times were had by all. Check out the podcast here! The complete playlist can be found below!!


Field Tripp “John Wayne”

Sister Lip “Threads”

Colorstore “Idiots in Bloom”

Los Puchos “Joanne”

Field Tripp “Ride of My Life”

Fathers Day “Do the Dad”

Sun City Girls “Thunderbird”

Numb Bats “Doctor 5”

The Echo Bombs “Creeper”

The Woodworks “Marconi”

Field Tripp “Shotgun in a Hole”

Bad Neighbors “Once Upon a Planet”

Recorded live on January 7, 2015. 

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